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thehappycorp global / 407 Broome Street 5th Floor, New York 10013, USA

Contact. Doug Jaeger / Founder, CEO /

Words. In early june of 2007 we were asked by our landlord to move out of our
first location. Within 3 months we found an amazing space just 2 1/2 blocks away. It was a 5,000 sq/ft open L shaped loft. We had just two months to plan/design/build the new space. We assembled a killer team which included our staff to get the space ready in 2 months.

Our goal for the interior was to condense the desks into the smallest ear possible so that open communication and collaboration could occur naturally with our open plan. The other areas would remain flexible for group presentations, silk screening, photo/video shoots, ping pong, food preparations, & ROCK BAND. We devised a scheme using magenta stretched spandex to create multiple configurations. The Spandex can cover all the workstations making the space more of a play area for events, and gatherings. During the day, they act as dividers for conference rooms, making for smaller meeting areas.

The desks we designed by EFGH architects and were later refined and built by Trues Design with thehappycorp staff and volunteers. With a capacity of 34 desks the space never feels crowded, but always seems to feel fun and inviting to guests, clients and visitors.

Specialties. 3d modeling. Branding. Consultancy. Design. Digital. DVD Authoring. Events. Interface Design. E-commerce. Flash Development. Marketing. Motion Design. Packaging Design. Publication Design. Strategy. Video Production. Web Design. Web Development

Interior. Doug Jaeger in collaboration with Truex Design (John Truex & Audrey Russell)

Architect. EFGH Architects (Hayley Eber & Frank Gesualdi)

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  1. Jeebus

    How much space did you leave between desks? It looks tight but yet not…

  2. the desks are 60″ x 36″ there are 3 desks to a row. Each is 72″ inches from each other. Plenty of room to get around and work. People use the other areas with couches to work on laptops and eat, talk etc. We find that people are up and about enough it never feels crowded or cramped. That was our old office.

  3. Nice space. I’m personally jealous of the pink spandex. My other shop — Lakonic — also has a big magenta square logo, but we were a few years ahead of you guys 😉

    We have a similar desk setup in our offices. Our desks are 84″ apart in Chicago, and we were worried about them being too close. It’s worked out perfectly. We just signed off on doing 78″ in our Portland office, so it’s good to know you guys have cut further.

    Thanks Jeebus for asking that question — I was curious, too! 🙂

  4. I love the orange chandelier.

  5. Kerry

    SHMICK! You’ve got it spot on with this design. Any plans still not complete – or is this it for the interior?

  6. Jake

    No excuses for being late for a meeting with that amount of clocks.

  7. Joey

    I feel channels of Hello Kitty with fragrant notes of rainbow sherbet

  8. This space is amazing! I would love to work in this space.

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