Interior Design in Hong Kong

Our good friend Lenneka (and occasional agency scout for This Ain’t No Disco) is heading to Hong Kong with a one-way ticket and a bag full of interior design skills. She’s looking to soak up some local inspiration and mix it up with her existing original direction. If you’re an interior design firm or know of an agency looking to hire/meet a new interior designer she’d love to hear from you. She’s looking for full time work as well as collaborative projects. Can you help? Drop us a mail and we’ll make the connection.

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  1. John H

    what about the working visa???? If your friend is not legal Hong Kong resident they will require working visa, it is obtained by the employer through lengthy application process to HK government.

  2. thisaintnodisco

    Hey John,

    Yep – she will be seeking a working visa / sponsorship through her employer. Are you based in HK?

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